How e juice is going to get your juices flowing for more smoking

How is this possible? Who would want to encourage us all to carry on smoking? Anti-smoking lobbyists and campaigners all around the world are having nervous palpitations about this forceful encouragement. Maybe they should take a puff of your new e juice to help them calm their nerves down. Maybe then, they’ll get to see what this is all about. Why, indeed, would someone want to encourage smokers to carry on smoking?

If they were regular smokers like many of you out there, maybe then, just maybe they’ll understand. But in reality, they never will. They’re a stubborn lot as you probably know. They want you to give up smoking for good. They don’t care if you suffer and get sick in the process. That’s where the encouragement to try out e juice comes in. As a regular smoker; you will have already tried at some stage in your life to give up smoking for once and for all.

But lo and behold, you never could, could you. It was difficult, wasn’t it? If you were brave enough to last it out for a few days, you went green with withdrawal symptoms. No good, not going to work. What now, you asked. Oh well, back to smoking then. Only now you don’t need to, not like the old way which, as you well know, is extremely bad for your health. You could die even. But with e-cigarette smoking, you at least give your life a chance.

Both mentally and physically, you can gain a lease of life in the pleasurable sense of knowing that instead of going through bad withdrawal symptoms and suffering nervous breakdowns, you can still reduce the risks of harmful diseases.